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Tabak Pty Ltd specialise in concrete repairs for in a wide variety of projects, including residential, commercial, industrial and civil projects and work in the Sydney Metropolitan, Illawarra and Southern Highland areas using highly skilled specialist teams of qualified tradesmen and technicians.

Reinforced concrete structures that have been well designed and suitably constructed are very resilient in most environments and less likely of concrete repair needs.

However, a concrete structures integrity may be impacted by hostile service conditions, age, lack of adequate maintenance and/or harsh environmental conditions which may cause deterioration in the form of concrete cracking and concrete spalling and/or corrosion of the steel reinforcement; resulting in concrete cancer.

If concrete repairs are not completed in a timely manner, the concrete cancer will spread, leading to further damage and structure degradation, resulting in costly, lengthy and intrusive concrete repairs.

Our Concrete Repair Services Include:

  • Concrete Cancer Treatments
  • Concrete Spalling Repair Treatments
  • Bridge Repairs Concrete Protective Repairs Waterproofing
  • Railway Concrete Repairs
  • Structural Concrete Repairs
  • Anti-Slip coating
  • Patching and Rectification to Concrete Balconies & Stair Topping
  • Heritage Building Repairs

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