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Tabak Pty Ltd specialise in crack injection for in a wide variety of projects, including residential, commercial, industrial and civil projects and work in the Sydney Metropolitan, Illawarra and Southern Highland areas using highly skilled specialist teams of qualified tradesmen and technicians.

While concrete cracks are usually the first sign of distress, it is possible for deterioration to exist prior to cracks appearing. The thorough evaluation of concrete cracks is important in determining whether the cracks will compromise the structural integrity, reduce durability or are aesthetically unacceptable. The environmental conditions around concrete cracks influence the extent to which it affects the integrity of the structure.

Concrete cracks that are crossed by steel reinforcement are usually stable (depending on the root cause and the amount of steel reinforcement that cross the cracks) and considered dormant. While dormant concrete cracks don’t threaten the stability of the structure, the durability and aesthetic issues must be addressed. Dormant cracks have stable widths and can usually be repaired with either a rigid or a flexible material.

Active concrete cracks in a slab are usually working joints and therefore should be treated in the same manner as joints. Repairs to active concrete cracks should be from a flexible material that will accommodate future crack movements. Active cracks may require more complex repairs that include eliminating the cause of the cracking so as to ensure a successful long-term repair.

Our Crack Injection Services Include:

  • Polyurethane Crack Injection for water leaks
  • Structural Crack Injection
  • Crack Repair and Pressure Injection for Structural Strengthening
  • Void Injection and Grouting
  • Cementitous Grouting
  • Cathodic Protection

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